LaunchUp Event - March 16th

Come to the Upcoming LaunchUp Event Hosted by NorthFront. It's Barnraising for Entrepreneurs.

NorthFront is hosting a LaunchUp event on March 16th! LaunchUp is an event for entrepreneurs, aspiring entrepreneurs, startup junkies, cool people, miscreants, rapscallions, and the occasional lost dog. The format of the event is pretty simple:


Amp Session: A successful entrepreneur will inspire us, motivate, us, and probably make us cry.

Startup Companies: Two or three companies will present (not pitch) for 7 minutes each, followed by 7 minutes of Q&A and community interaction.

Barn Raising:

  • Free Food! Yep, free food courtesy of our sponsors.
  • Corner Dives: Find one of the presenting companies logos on a wall and go meet them, offer to help them, energize them.
  • Networking- till we get kicked out.

Register at:

NorthFront LaunchUp Mar 16


DATE:  March 16th

TIME: 6-8 PM

LOCATION: StartUp Ogden Center, 2314 Washington Blvd, Ogden, UT 84401

COST: FREE! (Including Food)


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